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Making Money With a Blog
Wed, 04/28/10 – 16:3818 Comments

In the past 5 years, blogs have exponentially increased their frequency throughout the world wide web.  At first, it seemed that blogs were looked upon only as additional journalism resources and that official journalists could …

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Buying Insurance – The Good and The Bad
Monday, 20 Apr, 2009 – 15:14 | 6 Comments
Buying Insurance – The Good and The Bad

Insurance. It always has a negative connotation, because it is usually a protection against something bad or negative happening.  As it is important to always keep a positive attitude, it is also important in measuring …

Learn To Save – Create An Emergency Fund
Wednesday, 25 Feb, 2009 – 18:35 | 3 Comments
Learn To Save – Create An Emergency Fund

I find it very interesting to see the different saving/spending dynamics of the older generations compared to the youth of the world today.  With the help of movies and TV, much of the youth of …

Tax Planning – How Save Money
Monday, 26 Jan, 2009 – 13:24 | 31 Comments
Tax Planning – How Save Money

One big expense that will most likely follow you around your entire life is that of paying taxes. Effective tax planning is essential in personal finance and financial planning, as it is the single-most biggest …

Time Value of Money – Become Rich
Wednesday, 24 Dec, 2008 – 11:08 | 2 Comments
Time Value of Money – Become Rich

Many wish that money grew on trees or that they can make money while they sleep.  I will leave the first wish up to scientists and the government, but the second is easily attainable.  This …

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